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Yun Ju (Alice) Pan is currently the Adjunct Instructor of Percussion at the University of North Alabama, teaching alongside Dr. Tracy Wiggins. She is a acclaimed educator, soloist, and chamber musician in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Australia.


Alice holds a Doctoral of Music Arts degree from Michigan State University, a Master of Percussion Performance degree from Ithaca College, and a Bachelor of Performance Music Art degree from SooChow University (Taiwan.) Her teachers include Keiko Abe, Gordon Stout, Gwendolyn Dease, Jon Weber, Randy Gelispie, Pei-Ching Wu, Kuang-Yuan Kuo, and Susan Wu. 


As an active performer and educator, Alice has performed across the world in competitions and concerts in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, China, and the United States, including performing at PASIC as a competing soloist and with the Michigan State University Percussion Ensembles. She also often works with percussion ensembles and chamber groups, and performs alongside acclaimed musicians such as Gordon Stout, Gwen Dease, arx duo, Andrew Thomson, The New Morse Code Duo, Naoko Takada, Tomoko Taki, and Dr. Ming-Hui Kuo. Alice has also held masterclasses and clinics at various universities across the world, focusing on topics ranging from percussion ensemble and solo marimba to elementary music. 


In the composition realm, Alice has worked to expand the scope of possibility for percussion and marimba music, commissioning works from Andrea Clearfield, Josh Oxford, Gordon Stout, 

Alice has also worked to compose and arrange her own music that combine different art forms and styles from across the world, including writing for P PLAY Percusson Group, composing a traditional Beijing Opera, and arranging a transcription of Bela Bartok’s String Quartet No.5 for marimba quartet. 


Alice is currently the Director of Administration and International Arts at the Taiwan Percussion Arts Alliance, and the Founder and Director of P Play Percussion Group in Taiwan. 


Alice is proudly sponsored by REMO Drumheads and Innovative Percussion.

Performance Accolades


Australia Marimba Competition - First Prize 

August 2016

Taiwan International Percussion Championship Marimba – First Prize

Taiwan International Percussion Championship Vibraphone – Gold Medal Prize

Taiwan International Percussion Championship Percussion Ensemble – Gold Medal

July 2016

Brownsville Marimba Competition – Second Prize

May 2016

Taiwan International Percussion Championship Marimba – Gold Prize 

Taiwan International Percussion Championship – Judges Favorite Special Award

July 2015

Michigan State University Concerto Competition winner

December 2014

White Lake Festival Solo Competition – First Prize

White Lake Festival Solo Competition – Audiences’ Favorite Special Award

May 2014

PASIC International Vibraphone Solo Competition – Third Prize

November 2013


MSU Symphony Orchestra Honors Concert


East Lansing, MI                                                        

 Played Percussion Concerto by Joseph Schwantner as a soloist with MSU Symphony Orchestra at Wharton Performing Art Center.

“玩者,玩著!” Percussion Concert



Played Aurora Borealis by John Thrower as marimba soloist with auditioned percussionists and members from P PLAY Percussion Group at Song-I Performing Art Center.

P PLAY Seen and Not Seen Concert



Played The Wave by Keiko Abe as marimba soloist with P PLAY Percussion Group at Song-I Performing Art Center.



Marimba and Voice solo by Robert Oetomo

Commission for Yun Ju Pan’s singing marimba/percussion project.

Round for Three Muses by Andrea Clearfield

Commission and premier for 2017 the 4LoKo$’ world tour. 2016-2017.

Ox Suite: Three Songs for a Singing Marimbist by Josh Oxford

Commission and premiered the first movement for my recital at Ithaca College in 2013, and premiered the second and third movements in 2016 tour.   The suite including “Afterwards...”, “Come Get Together”, and “Ballade.”

The Other Side (of Silence) by Gordon Stout                                                  

Premiered this piece on March 2017 at Michigan State university.

Reconstruction by Yun Ju Pan

Composed and premiered on March 2014 at Michigan State University.


Oh! Asian Percussionist Series 

2019 Feb

Hong Kong, China                                                                                               

Invited as artist by the Gip Percussion Ensemble to give a joint concert with Aimee Mina-De la Cruz (Philippines), Satur Tiamson (Philippines), Tanmay Mukherjee (Indonesia), Adam Tan (Audtralia), and Kaboom Percussion (Australia).

Yun, Groove, Marimba

2017 July

Macao, China                                                                                                

Invited as artist by the Macao Modern Musician Society and StickMusic Studio to give a lecture and Played a short concert.

World Tour – The Without Borders Percussion Quartet

2017 June

Tokyo, Japan                         

Invited by Prof. Keiko Abe to Play my transcription of Bela Bartok’s String Quartet No.5 for marimba quartet at Toho Gakuen University Art department with Prof. Alexander Smith, Kathryn Irwin, William Alderman.

World Tour – The Without Borders Percussion Quartet

2-17 June, 2017

Taipei and YunLin, Taiwan

Played solo and percussion quartet music at the SooChow University, Taiwan, and Yun Percussion Academic, YunLin with Prof. Alexander Smith, Kathryn Irwin, and William Alderman.

Melbourne Percussion Gala Concert

2016 August

Melbourne, Australia                                           

Invited as the first prize winner of 2016 Australia Marimba Competition to play solos in Melbourne Percussion Gala Concert.

Tomoko Taki and Ogura Concert

2016 July

Tottori, Japan                                                                         

Invited as a guest artist to perform with percussionist Tomoko Taki and soprano Tomoko Ogura in 2016 Tottori University Art Concert Series.

Still Band Fundraiser Concert

2015 August

Taipei, Taiwan                                                                       

Played as timpanist and principle percussionist for still band fundraiser concerts in Taipei, Taiwan.

Matcha Mocha – Yun Ju Pan and Tomoko Taki Marimba Duo Live

2015 June

Tottori, Japan                                                                                                                                                 

Played solos and duet with Tomoko Taki in Tottori, Japan.



McCormick Marimba Festival

Janurary, 2019

Tampa, FL                                                                          

Gave a full session marimba solo recital

University of Central Missouri

March, 2018

Warrensburg, MO                                                                          

Played a chamber music and solos at University of Central Missouri with the Without Borders Percussion Quartet.

Indiana Percussive Association Clinic Day

December, 2017                 

Greencastle, IN                                                            

Played a duet recital with Dr. Ming-Hui Kuo and Naoko Sharp at the IPA Clinic Day.

Percussive Arts Society International Convention

November, 2017

Indianapolis, IN

Played in the winner circle concert with Michigan State University as a soloist at PASIC 2017.

Downriver Day of Percussion

May, 2017

Wyandott, MI                                                                                

Played in the opening showcase concert at the Downriver Day of Percussion.

Bowling Green State University

March, 2017

Bowling Green, OH                                                               

Invited as guest artist to present a recital at the Bowling Green State University concert hall.

University of Central Florida

October, 2016

Orlando, FL                                                                                 

Invited as guest artist to present a recital at the UCF concert hall.    .    

University of North Alabama

October, 2016

Florence, AL                                                                               

Invited as guest artist to present a recital at the UNA student recital hall.

Ohio University

October, 2016

Athens, OH                                                                                                            

Invited as guest artist to present a recital at the Ohio University concert hall.    

Brownsville Marimba Orchestra

May, 2016

Brownsville, TX                                                                        

2016 Brownsville Marimba Festival closing ceremony event.    

Celebrating Marimba Orchestra

November 2015

Kutztown, PA                                                                 

The 80th Anniversary Tribute Concert to Clair Omar Musser’s International Marimba Symphony Orchestra with featured artist Gordon Stout. 

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