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Yun Ju Pan 

First Debut Album

Producer: Gwendolyn Dease

Engineer, Editor, and Mastering Engineer: Sergei Kvitko

Photographer: 迪司攝影工作室

Graphic Designer:陳思文

Word Editing: Tzu Yi Chen

Publisher:Blue Griffin Inc. 


Yun Ju Pan 

Piano: Ya-Ju Chuang

Percussion: Daniel Gerhardt, Steven Murtonen, Zuri Wells


Of Love and Loss:

Songs from and for the heart

Of Love and Loss: songs from and for the heart explores two of the strongest human emotions – love and loss. For this album, I’ve combined instrumental melodies with spoken word and singing, because I sincerely believe words are the purest way to communicate the rawest of emotions. With the instrumental music, which I call the language of the heart, combined with and the words, I sincerely hope you can feel what I feel from my heart and soul.

"The debut CD by Yun Ju Pan - “Of Love and Loss: songs from and for the heart”, for me, is one of the most important and valuable recordings in recent years. There are no ugly, harsh sounds contained herein. There are only beautiful songs with beautiful sounds performed by a wonderful young musician.  Surely, many people will know who this young artist/ marimbist/ vibraphonist/and singer is in the future." - Gordon Stout

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